Master Tung’s Acupuncture (MTA) for Lung and Large Intestine Disorders

Mechanism and Top 10 MTA Points

by Hui Zhang
Art. Nr.: C-HZ004

Approved by: NCCAOM, Standard Certificate

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 6 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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Master Tung’s Acupuncture (MTA) for Lung and Large Intestine Disorders

Course Overview

Master Tung’s Acupuncture (MTA) is not only effective to treat pain but also internal disorders of organs. The five phases and Zangfu organs play the most important role in understanding the indications of MTA points. For instance, Si Ma, Ling Gu, and Da Bai belong to the category of the lungs. How to understand the philosophy of this categorizing? Li Ting’s thoughts on “Extraordinary Connections between Zang and Fu Organs”, published in 1575 can well explain this. In this course, the following topics will be covered 1. Review on the physiology and pathology of the lungs and large intestine in TCM 2. Background of MTA points, esp. philosophy for their indications. 3. Selected 10 MTA points for the lungs and large intestine, e.g. Ling Gu, Da Bai, Si Ma, 4. MTA needling methods 5. MTA treatments for bronchitis, asthma, cough, flu, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the underlying mechanism of MTA points
  • Locations and indications of 10 MTA points
  • Combination of MTA points to treat common lung and large intestine disorders

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrsBrief introduction of MTA: history and features

1 hrs - 2 hrsMechanism of MTA points

2 hrs - 2.75 hrsSi Ma-Three Horses

2.75 hrs - 3.25 hrsLing Gu-Magic Bone) and Da Bai-Big White)

3.25 hrs - 4.25 hrsEr Chong-Two Double; San Shi-Three Ministers; San Qi-Three Qi

4.25 hrs - 5 hrsShou San Huo-Three Arm Fire; Fen Jin-Separating Metal; Men Jin-Metal Door; Zhen Ben-Right Root; Ma Jin Shui-Horse Metal Water

5 hrs - 6 hrsClinic Use


Hui Zhang, Ph.D., is a Chinese Medicine Doctor, Educator, and Researcher. Having trained at the Chengdu University of TCM in China, he works in Denmark. Hui lectures regularly in Denmark, Germany, Austria, and China.
Kurslänge 6h
Kurssprache English
Kurstyp Recorded Seminar