Tom Corbin

Tom Corbin
Tom Corbin is an Acupuncture Physician and Ph.D.; he specializes in Auricular Acupuncture. In addition to using auricular acupuncture in a Veterans Hospital in South Florida, he is a consultant with many western institutions looking to add acupuncture in their treatment system. The VA Chronic Pain program was the first of its type in the USA, and because of its success, the Veterans Hospital system has added 20 more clinics using acupuncture. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute, and he received his advanced training in body acupuncture in Nanjing PR China as well as using German Auricular Medical techniques since 2000. Dr. Corbin has researched and specialized in the use of auricular medicine for pain and addictions. In addition to being a Registered Trainer for the National Acupuncture Detox Association, he also teaches at TCM colleges as well as The University of Miami Medical School Complementary Medicine Department. He has researched Auricular acupuncture in drug courts, HIV clinics, Hepatitis C as well as being the acupuncturist in two National Institute of Health research projects. Dr. Corbin also consults with German manufacturers of low level lasers and microstimulation auricular pointfinders. Advancing the treatment, and finding newer and better ways to treat patients’ suffering, has been his life’s work.

Courses taught by Tom Corbin

Combination Therapy of Ear and Body Points for Optimal Pain Relief

By Tom Corbin

Language: English

Course length: 11.5 h

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