Subhuti Dharmananda

Subhuti Dharmananda
Subhuti Dharmananda established the Institute for Traditional Medicine and Preventive Health Care (ITM) in 1979 to promote education, research, and charitable works in the field of traditional medicine systems, for which Chinese medicine became the primary area of concern. The Institute has two clinics, An Hao Natural Health Care as a model of integrative methods and Immune Enhancement Project (IEP) Clinic to provide low cost acupuncture and Chinese herbs for difficult diseases in support of standard medical methods. He comes from a science background (Ph.D. in Biology) and is not directly involved in delivering the health care services, but helps organize the clinical format and, for many of the IEP participants, provides the clinical outline for attaining therapeutic goals and offers details of the treatment protocols, having had prior experience, primarily as an herb prescriber, in treating patients. As a result of reviewing several types of literature, Subhuti has produced articles on subjects of traditional medicine concepts, herbs, formulas, diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases, and safety issues, which are posted on the ITM website.

Courses taught by Subhuti Dharmananda

Adjunct Cancer Therapy

By Subhuti Dharmananda

Language: English

Course length: 4 h

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