Supporting Teenagers Through Extraordinary Times

by Rebecca Avern
Art. Nr.: C-RA004

Approved by: NCCAOM, Standard Certificate, IVAS

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Webinar

Course Length: 1 h

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Supporting Teenagers Through Extraordinary Times

Course Overview

Adolescence has only been defined as a distinct psychological phase since early in the twentieth century. It was therefore obviously not discussed in historical Chinese medical texts. This talk will discuss in detail the huge transformation that occurs in the balance of the Organs, Substances and 5 Phases during adolescence, and how these manifest in the young person. We will then take a detailed look at 2 key aetiological factors that often arise in teenage pathology: namely lack of sleep and family dynamics. We will explore these from a Chinese medical perspective, and suggest ways of minimizing the disruption they may cause. We will then take an in depth look at each of the 5 Phases, and describe how each of them resonate with different aspects of adolescence, how the constraints of lockdown may impact them and what we can do to support their development. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the processes underpinning adolescence, how pathology related to them may manifest and how, as parents and practitioners, we may help young people to ride this important 'gate of life' smoothy.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the energetic changes that underpin adolescence from the TCM perspective.
  • Develop an understanding of sleep during adolescence from a TCM perspective and learn ways to help optimise it.
  • Develop an awareness of how family dynamics impact on development throughout adolescence.
  • Understand the developmental phase of adolescence from a 5 Phase perspective.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 minExplain the changes in qi, yin, yang and blood that occur during adolescence, i.e the surge of yang, yin becoming replete, the recalibration of Fire and Water (kidneys and heart).

15 min - 30 minUnderstand why teenagers are prone to sleep problems, how this relates to the Chinese clock; draw parallels with the changes in hormones from a western perspective; suggest lifestyle changes that will enable teenagers to optimise their sleep.

30 min - 45 minGain an understanding of how teenagers are energetically related to the rest of the rest of their family members, and how their state of emotional and physical health is influenced by these connections. Suggest ways that parents can help.

45 min - 1 hrsLook at what is going on in each of the 5 Phases during adolescence, and how what is happening in the world in 2020 may impact this. Learn some lifestyle tips that help to optimise the health of each element.


Rebecca Avern is a senior lecturer, clinical supervisor and teaching clinic director at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, UK. In 2012, she founded an acupuncture centre for the treatment of children in Oxford – the Panda Clinic - and her clinical work is now entirely with children. She teaches paediatrics online and at undergraduate and post-graduate level.
Kurslänge 1h
Kurssprache English
Kurstyp Recorded Webinar