Shen Series - Course 3

Emotions: How to Address the Jumbled Movements of Qi

by Elisa Rossi
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Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Webinar

Course Length: 3 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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Shen Series - Course 3

Course Overview

To us westerners it looks as a reductive over-simplification that in Chinese medical tradition there are only 5 or 7 emotions and that they do not seem to consider all the other sentiments, as hate, envy, jealousy, attachment, aggressiveness, shame, fault, regret, avarice, etc. It is the result of recognizing the essential, of going to the root, to the core, into the heart of the primary emotions. Chinese Medicine sees emotions as physiological events, a response of our qi and shen to what comes from the outside world. But excessive emotions are harmful: “Desires without limits and worries without end consume jing, coagulate ying qi and expel wei qi; then the shen leaves and the disease is not curable” (Suwen, ch.14) and “When euphoria and anger are not regulated, they will injure the organs, when organs are injured, illness originates in the yin” (Lingshu, ch.66). Emotions, internal movements, affect qi. If qi does not move properly we can have qi stagnation, blood stasis, accumulation of dampness and phlegm, transformation into Fire and internal Wind, etc. Yin, blood, and jing are injured. Sadness consumes qi, euphoria scatters the shen, thought and worry knot the flow of qi, anger rises it up, fear does not contain it. How to recognize the single emotions in patients and in the therapeutic encounter. Detailed clinical examples help to recognize different patterns and how to use the “shen-axis” points combination.

Course Objectives

  • How Chinese Medicine considers emotions.
  • When emotions may become pathological and what disorders in the qi system may happen.
  • How to recognize emotions in patients and in the therapeutic encounter.
  • Possible use of the “shen-axis” points combination in clinical cases.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 minDescription of emotions as seen in the classics, their pathological state and the relations with the qi system

30 min - 1 hrsManifestations of each single emotion in the patient and in the clinical relationship

1 hrs - 2 hrsDiscussion of the "shen-axis" points combination

2 hrs - 3 hrsDiscussion of clinical cases and their treatment


Elisa Rossi PhD, MD, is a Psychiatrist, Acupuncturist, and Licensed Psychotherapist. In 1994 Elisa co-founded the School of TCM “MediCina” and from 2006 she is member of Milan Medical Board for Non-Conventional Medicine. Elisa has written numerous books and has lectured extensively around the world.
Kurslänge 3h
Kurssprache English
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