Aljoscha Schümer

Aljoscha Schümer
Alternative Medicine education 1993-98 at naturopathic colleges in Berlin (selbstverwaltete Heilpraktikerschule Berlin et al) with focus on Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and body work. Diploma of Shou Zhong, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Berlin. Acupuncture Diploma of the Professional Association AGTCM. Since 2009 post graduate education in the ancient Stems and Branches acupuncture system ("tian gan di zhi") in the Netherlands with M.Ac. Joan Duveen. Additional training in classical homeopathy at the Bonninghausen Academy and in Chinese Herbal Medicine at ICEAM. Certified Qi Gong teacher by Prof. Liu Yafei (Beidahe, China). Teaches currently postgraduate classes on acupuncture and the philosophy of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in Berlin, Allgäu and Munich. Author of various articles on the subject (Zeitschrift für TCM, Naturheilpraxis).

Courses taught by Aljoscha Schümer

Die sechs Schichten Liu Qi im Kontext des chinesischen Kalenders

By Aljoscha Schümer

Language: Deutsch

Course length: 6 h

135,00 €